Friday, September 13, 2013

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So I'm still on the dating app chatting with some other guys even though Taco Bell guy & I have been talking a LOT and I really really am starting to really really like him. But it doesn't hurt to still see what's out there just in case things don't work out. Right? I hope that's okay! 

One thing that really bugs me is how some of these guys are terrible at making conversation (taco bell guy isn't bad at all). A guy I started chatting with today, for example, has not initiated a conversation but continues to ask "what would you like to talk about?"

That is not what I consider initiating a conversation. What I mean by that is: you should show that you're interested in me. You want to know more about me. Or just bring up a crazy topic. Something along the lines about movies. For example: Have you seen that new Riddick movie? Or even something as simple as: Do you ever watch Law&Order? That's my favorite show. 
Be creative! 

This guy however answers the questions I ask about him but never asks anything about me. And he has said, "is there anything else you wanna know about me?"
I know where he works, he has 2 kids, his favorite music is country music, he recently had surgery on his shoulder, he doesn't drink a lot but likes to go out occasionally with friends, he has lived here all of his life, he has a lot of tattoos...just to name a few. He has not once asked me any of these topics about myself but continues to message as if he wants to keep talking. 

I don't get it.

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