Monday, September 9, 2013


Well last night, I went on a date with someone that I wasn't necessarily looking forward to. Turns out..he's a really great guy and he's attractive, and he works, and he's almost done with school. Basically... I like him!
He smelled reallyyyyyy good too :)

The date was kind of last minute, very casual nothing too spectacular. We went to the I thought. But in the end we really had a good time :)

I had previously told him I didn't want to stay out too late because I had to work the next morning and I found it odd that he didn't ask to go to dinner before the movie. We had planned to just meet at the movies, so I here I go. After the movies he kept mentioning he was getting kind of hungry and I figured he was trying to see if I was hungry as well. We stood at my car and talked for a little bit after leaving the theater and I suggested we go to Taco Bell since it was after 9 on a Sunday and I wasn't sure if I'd be paying for myself or not and I am kinda broke at the moment..

Gentleman qualities shown:

  • Paid for my ticket 
  • Opened every door for me
  • Let me pick the seats
  • Offered to go get his jacket out of his car because the theater was cold
  • Didn't try to grope me during the movie
Date Laws according to my friend who also has been online dating:
Law Number One: Do NOT take her to fast food   -this was the only one broken-
Law Number Two: Open all doors for her
Law Number Three: Don't be a f*cktard
Law Number Four: Get off your phone!

These ring pretty true lol, but the fast food was my fault :P
However! He did say as we were at Taco Bell about to order, "We didn't have to come here we could have went somewhere else," but I just said well I wasn't sure and I knew that they'd be open but anyway ..yeah :) It was a good one.

I'm hoping he asks me out again...fingers crossed!

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