Friday, January 10, 2014

A little thing called ...what?

Im beginning to become extremely skeptical of the 'L' word. You know the one.. 

L is for the way you look so dumb
O is for the only one douchebag
V is very very extra-bored-inary
E is evil more than anyone that you adore

Yeah we're talking about love.

There are those guys who are scared to death of the word or even the idea. Then there's the guys that jump at the chance to say it.

For instance:
My friend was dating a guy she met through the site we're both on, she just informed me that he told her that he loved her after a week and a half. 10 days.
Come on!!!!
But get this... He broke up with her this week. He said the L word a week ago. And now I guess he changed his mind.

Then the debate of all men being charmers came up. It's beginning to ring true. They are all charmers til they get to the point where they want you to be on the same level as them, and when you want to pump the brakes a bit..they give up! 

I've seen people fall out of love quicker than they fell into it, but I've also seen people claim to be in love when all along is was just an act so others believe it's there. I've thrown the L word around too much I believe. But I fall so easily. I have learned that I can get back up just as easily, so falling hasn't been too much of an issue recently. I've gotten better at picking up the pieces. It gets a little easier each time. 

I guess eventually I'll just become heartless. Then we won't have to worry about the breaking of the heart! 

Problem solved.

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