Friday, January 10, 2014


Maybe it's from being on the same site for sooooo long (6 months) but some of these guys and the way they open their conversations are just plain ridiculous.

My friend who is also online dating through the same site, feels the same way. So we began responding with what's really on our minds when they give absolutely ridiculous introductions.

Basically just being brutally honest.

For instance, when they start off by saying, "Hey Sexy" or "You are so beautiful" ...gag
Depending on their profile and whether or not they are actually attractive.. they will most likely get a response like:

How can you possibly know and feel that I am sexy or beautiful? You've not met me in person, so you've seen a few pictures? But how can you be so sure that I am sexy or beautiful? You know nothing about me. You've not asked anything about me. Do you honestly think that opening up with calling me sexy is going to pull me in. Opening with a line including the word 'sex' leads me to believe you're only after one thing. Take a wild guess.

This usually leads to a block but come on.... grow up. We have come to the conclusion that we're both still on the site, because there's not much else to do. Who knows, maybe a smart guy will finally show up... HA.

Til then, let's just piss guys off with intellectual responses, sounds good right?

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