Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year... New ??

-not boyfriend that's for sure.

Decided to go out for New Year's Eve with super high hopes I'd meet a cutie to kiss... ha!

I have a very dear friend who has also been venturing through online dating and she has met someone that makes her happy :) he happens to be in a band. She mentioned how her and some friends were going to hear the band play at this place I've never heard of before. I didn't have any other offers on the table, and I usually have a great time with her and her friends. So I went. Got dolled up looking adorable (as usual) only to pull into a biker bar.

I definitely was not amused by all of the smoke clouds and handlebar mustaches. This is where I'm supposed to find a cutie to kiss before midnight? No thanks.

Well I stayed for about 30 minutes or so, then my eyes started to really burn from the smoke and I was just like forget this. I'd rather be in bed. So, I left.

I've not posted in a while
Hard to post stories about the dates I'm not going on.

So many guys not initiating a date - it's pretty annoying. I hate being the one to suggest we meet up, but I'm always the one to do it! I haven't initiated conversations, I usually wait for them to message me first. So, sometimes I think hey let's get this thing moving along now before I get bored.

There's one guy I've just stopped talking to because he hasn't mentioned planning a date in the 516874836845 opportunities during conversation..I was bored.

I'm really starting to get bored with this online dating stuff. Might need to take yet another social hiatus, but knowing me I'll get bored with that and get back on.

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