Thursday, January 23, 2014


Why are people soooo ashamed about online dating?!'s 2014.. Technology has taken over.

As I was scrolling through some profiles, more than 10 'about me' sections had the words, "We can tell people we met [insert random public area here]"

When people have asked me, "Where did you meet him?" I just come out and say it! There are thousands of people within a 100 mile radius who use the site I'm currently on. It's not like I have anything to hide! Yes, Nana, I know the internet is dangerous... but I'm not developing full relationships with these people unless we meet face to face in public and actually get to know each other over time. 

Here's the thing...
I refuse to fall in love with someone I met in a bar. What am I going to tell our kids?! 
"Oh sweetie I met your daddy when I was plastered drunk and we fell in love!"
-I wouldn't be plastered drunk, this is just an example-

Seriously!! I just think that's more tacky than meeting someone online. Where else am I going to meet someone? At work?? HA!
Just so ya'll know, I work in an office with 9 other married women in their 40s and up. Oh and I work with kids, too. Now there's a great pond to fish in!! -not-

I'm also a hermit & obsessed with Netflix. Unless one of the hotties decides to jump out of the t.v. in order to date me, online dating it is!

Now I could understand how some of these guys may be ashamed about online dating because their profiles are absolutely pitiful. I'm seriously considering sending them messages with the link to this post when their pictures are just absurd. Sometimes I really think there are cute men underneath their terrible picture selection. But then there are some where I just think..uhm NO.

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