Friday, February 28, 2014

Adios Amigo

This is a farewell post to my Plenty of Fish account. 

We had quite a long run. Although, our relationship was on and off multiple times, I feel like I need to move on. Maybe you feel like I was cheating on you a little bit with Tinder, and I cannot lie. It's not that I've fallen more in love with Tinder, it's just you and I weren't working out so well.

Look at the positive things you've brought me though!

  • This blog would not exist.
  • The Hall of Lame was completely inspired by you.
  • I've had a lot of laughter thanks to you.
  • I've also met a few couple nice guys.
  • You've taught me a lot of good life lessons when dealing with stupid boys.

The list goes on and on. Please don't feel offended or rejected in any way. I just needed to eliminate some things in my life and you just so happen to be one of them.

I'll still help ya out occasionally! If someone is looking to start online dating I'll direct them to you immediately.

I enjoyed the free membership and how much you let me do without paying. You know, not all dating sites will let people message for free or view profiles for free. I hope you continue to keep that quality.

Maybe one day long long long from now if I am still searching for someone, then maybe just maybe we can get back together. I just don't see it working out for us right now.

In other news, Tinder is working out pretty well. Science shirt guy & I have declared a nice friendship. We are going to dinner tonight just as's NOT a date. & I secretly hope (heck everyone knows it's not a secret) that he'll bring the radio he was gonna give me :). We still talk on the reg but I have made it a point that I don't see us being in a relationship.

Honesty WORKS! I promise! Sometimes you get sissy boys who get all upset with you after you're honest, but most of the time you'll get real men who understand that there is a possibility that you're NOT going to fall in love with them.

Take this one for example:

Dude come on, she just tried being honest with you! No need to get all cocky and full of yourself. It's not helping the situation. Just accept she wants to be friends... plain and simple. Why do guys have to make this so complicated!?


  1. Stop it... is that a real text that someone sent to you?!?!

  2. Well goog luck on Tinder. I've heard about it and it's crazy adventures.

  3. Thanks! Yeah I'm sure I'll have some good stories to share after using it for a while!!

  4. Ha! I can't believe someone would send such a message! I really wish I had all this info when I was going online dating :) I think it's gotten a lot better, and there seems to be more options.