Monday, March 3, 2014

Ringing in the new month

Dateless in Dallas

Had yet another pretty interesting weekend. Not much drama or anything, but still had a pretty good time :)

Let's start with Friday evening:

Well, I went out with Science Shirt and he didn't bring that radio. I think he's holding it hostage in order to hang out with me more and more. He even mentioned it while we were chatting over coffee.

& Hear me out. I told him straight forward that I do NOT want a relationship. My bff said I should probably add the fact that it's him that I don't want to be in a relationship with, because clearly I wasn't honest enough. So, I paid for all of my expenses on our outing Friday evening. It's freaking expensive being just friends dangit.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants to have SUSHI :) I literally hate the fact at how cool this kiddo is yet I am completely not attracted to him in any way as far as being in a relationship. Dude likes sushi. I have had such a hard time finding guys that like sushi, and will go eat sushi with me. After dinner we looked up movies playing at the $3.00 theater in town and found Devil's Due was on, but we had an hour before it started... so we went and got coffee at the new coffee shop that has become my favorite place to go.

Went to the movie, it was terrible. So slow and boring. There were literally like 2 jumpy parts, and I'm the kind of person who wants to have nightmares after scary movies. I slept like a baby.


Had to work!
After work, went home took a shower then made plans to go to Knoxville with my other bff. We went to the Cotton Eyed Joe :) I love this place. Line-dancing is my thing, for real. So I got all dolled up, put my boots on, and headed out. Welllllll we get there and you think being the 3rd wheel is bad? Try the 9th wheel. Seriously. 4 couples..then single me. I didn't worry too much about it and danced my butt off. I even danced alone a couple times! I'm not gonna let some silly couples get my mood in the dumps. 

Naturally, I have a few drinks when I'm there...and I did, but I didn't over do it because I had to drive. Still didn't eliminate the drunk texting. Whoops.

I ended up sending a 'novel' to this guy that I really need to cut out of my life, but the fact that he keeps responding to me and acting like he still wants to see me is driving me insane. I handle rejection quite well. You know what I don't handle well? A guy responding occasionally just to tease me, and when guys refuse to tell me either, "Yes I want to still talk to you" -OR- "Please leave me alone" ...those are your options. I have told you over and over that you need to say these words. If you text me option #2 I will leave you alone for good. But if you won't tell me, I will keep trying. I don't give up easily. Even when I know for a FACT that you are NO GOOD for me and that I most likely deserve better. Neither my brain nor my heart will accept that. Unless you tell me.

ANYWAY ..he didn't respond til the next day, oh well. I guess normal people are asleep around 3:00 am. But still..why did he respond? Why not just ignore me or even better...BLOCK ME!?! I told him last weekend when I was drunk texting him (wow I gotta quit drinking or at least have my phone taken away when I do!) that he needed to block me so I can leave him alone & his response? "I'm not going to block you" WHYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?
Now I want to see him and it's driving me insane...literally.
I know he is still interested, therefore I'm going to continue trying. That's just how I am okay?!


Crashed at the bffs around 6:00 am because we went to iHop after the Joe closed down, and it took us over an hour to get home. I got to sleep a whole TWO HOURS then got up and drove to my house. Showered, went hiking to a waterfall, because when I'm stressed that's what I do. I cannot help but just thank the Lord above for His beauty that always seems to calm me down even after I party like a sinner. So here's a nice little piece of serenity:

After our hike, I came home and slept for about 5 nap ever. Did some laundry. Bff came over and we painted our nails and had some girl talk/ recap of our evening at the Joe, then slept..again. We are getting some new ink today (tattoos) together, and I am pretty stoked!! I have an addiction. 

How was your weekend?



  1. You want to have nightmares after a scary movie? not me!! haha.

    Thanks for linkin' up :)

  2. I know I'm totally weird! But, if it's going to be classified under the "Horror" section, I better be scared.
    & Of course lovely!! :)