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Did that really happen?

Describe Your First Date
We have ALL experienced a bad date at some point and time...
If you haven't well, start online dating, I guarantee you'll get one from there.

<< Or just take Cheryl's advice from Miss Congeniality, and think of the best day ever that doesn't involve a guy! You go girl! Woman Power!

Hopefully though, you'll just be able to look back and laugh at the situation. Whether it's their fault or yours, a bad date can easily turn into a very funny story. My inspiration for this post comes from our first example.

Forever Twenty Somethings

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Even though I'm sure I would feel traumatized during and after this date, I would be laughing at myself over and over again. It has happened to the best of us! Sometimes we just aren't ready, or not prepared for the conversations brought up over dinner. Or maybe we stalk too much and let it slip out like she did... still hilarious to me.

How about that one time I went on two different dates with the same guy who refused to pay for my meal both times. Oh, and on the second date he wanted me to crawl in the backseat of his two-door Cobalt and "cuddle"...awkward! He wasn't very happy when I said, "Sorry, but I'd rather just go home." Weirdo (you pick which one's the weirdo me or him). Needless to say, I've not heard from him since..& I'm totally okay with that.

I am not alone either. Take a read at some fellow bloggers and their lovely bad dates:

Grab button for Kimberly's ChronicleMovie Date/known for a month/first time hanging out:
It was more of a "feel it out" type of date, because I wasn't sure if I was into him yet. One of the first things he said to me when we met up was, "Do I smell like sex to you?" Which instantly made me question my choice in guys. During the movie he blabbed about himself and how everyone tells him he's such a great kisser, and how he has "girly eyelashes" because they're so long. I'm serious, he even made me look. Toward the end of the movie, when I was on the edge of my seat waiting to bolt out of there, he turned to me and said, "You have the most amazing green eyes." My eyes are unmistakably blue, and I know for a fact he isn't color blind. He was clearly trying to feed me a line, so I responded with, "Really? Most people prefer my blue ones," and half ran out. Moral of the story: if a guy asks you if he smells like sex, RUN. Ugh, what an awful date.

Known for years/lost touch/reconnected through Facebook:
Welcome!He asked if I wanted to do lunch sometime and I said, "Sure." (I already told him I was dating someone) Awkward #1: So I show up to lunch in shorts and a t-shirt and he shows up in a button up shirt with nice pants..Awkward #2: Once he realizes that I'm totally dressed down, he says "Oh, uh.. I'm only dressed this fancy because I'm going somewhere important tonight- like a graduation." Awkward #3: He tells me that there's no way my boyfriend who goes to college in a different town is being faithful and that I should be realistic!! He ends the lunch with "Wow, you're a cheap date. We should do this more." 
I thought this was a casual catch up lunch between long time friends - not an awkward guilt trip/date! 

15yo/First date with first ever boyfriend/SUPER nervous:
It after school, so I had to change in the school toilets and do my make-up on the bus. I didn't actually get a chance to check my face in a mirror before I met him. When I walked in, he looked a bit alarmed but still acted kind of normal and bought me a coffee. We talked for a while and he kept looking at me a little bit strangely but I didn't think too much of it. After about half an hour I went to the bathroom and to my horror realized I had done a proper Bridget Jones & put blush ALL OVER MY FACE, thinking it was my powder. I looked severely sun burnt, in November. I didn't have any make-up remover wipes so I had to use toilet paper and water. I came out of the bathroom looking just as bad, if not worse. Luckily, he still asked me out and awkwardly kissed me at the end of the date. Since then, I have never EVER attempted to do my make-up on a moving vehicle ever again.

2009/Switzerland/Australian hottie/Broken heart:

ThatGirlMagMy family had just moved from America to Switzerland. I was the new kid in a senior class at the international school. I had the most terrible crush on a boy named 'J' (Australian, tall, blonde, and fluent in French). He was DREAMY, but he didn't like me back. He was in love with a 21yo girl (still in high school) that was beautiful. She wasn't interested in him.. we were stuck in an unpleasant triangle of love. Then our mutual friend decided everyone would be happier if J "gave me a try.” He pressured J into asking me on a date, and eventually got him to agree. I was hopeful that an evening with me would show J exactly how wonderful I was, and we could be happy together, forever. After school, we went to the grocery store to pick up some liquor - being sober on a Monday afternoon simply wouldn't do, of course. So we got our alcoholic beverages and we made our way to the movie theater. The movie was terrible. I was drunk, so I barely remember it. After the movie we went to a nearby park, where he said, "Usually at this point in a date, I've kissed the girl." So I said, "Oh. Well. You should." So he did. It was TERRIBLE. Then he told me how much he loved the 21yo girl, and how he wanted to be over her. & he wanted to like me, but he didn't, but he thought maybe he could start if we hung out more. Then he invited me over to his house later to "taste his local wine." Needless to say, we didn't go on any more dates.

So whether the boy you're with is just plain dumb, or you have completely embarrassed yourself: 
You can't have a successful date without have a bad one in your past. Hope you enjoyed the reads and check out their lovely blogs by clicking their buttons!!

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