Monday, February 24, 2014

Boy, what a weekend!

Oh man.. just read.

Dateless in Dallas

I had a very interesting weekend. Filled with a little bit of work, a little bit of laughter, and a little bit of disaster.

Friday evening:
 I had a fabulous dinner date with Miss Nina at a wonderful restaurant with half-price sushi....holla! Then we were dying for a cupcake, but no cupcakeries were naturally we just ordered dessert at the restaurant. 
Holy canoli $9.00 for a dessert, but it was pretty delish. 

After my fabulous dinner date, I went home and watched New Girl, binge style, on Netflix.. hey-yoooo..then I completed all of the episodes on there and had a sad funeral. :( But really, it's one out of the 2 shows (TwoBrokeGirls) that I can laugh out loud at when I'm by myself, & I mean bust out laughing, not a snicker.

I had to work from 10am-6pm which is not normal for me because I work an office-type schedule (8am-4pm Monday through Friday), but the weather here was sooooo gorgeous and we were working outside. I was supposed to go on a date with the Science shirt dude, but I really just was not wanting to go at all. I pretty much bailed on the poor guy but he was understanding, and we rescheduled to go out the next day. Still dreading it. 

I then did the really bitchy judge me thing and started asking my girlfriends to hang out. Got a bite from my realllllyyyy good friend from out of town and I met her in the middle and we saw That Awkward Moment. 
Loved it, it had some really good funny parts, a couple almost naked shots of Zac Efron scoreeee but of course, it had some sappy love story crap that I was not feeling. If I was feeling sappy love crap then I would be all about the movie. 

Also, the whole time I wanted to brush Imogen Poots hair the entire movie..which was distracting. Go see it anyway, Zac's butt is worth it.

Following the movie, we went to Applebee's for a couple of sissy drinks, they were delish. Naturally, after a few drinks in, some texting began, that was absolutely not necessary. 

I feel so accomplished to know that I am so entertaining for someone I know personally to read my posts! Just so happens that it was someone I might have maybe trash talked 'a bit' in a couple previous posts. Yeah, that happened. Girl code was completely broken. So here are my apologies for the both of you:

1. I'm so sorry for calling you a nice girl and mentioning that you deserve better than a liar, my bad.
2. I'm so sorry for telling the complete truth, even though maybe I left out some personal information because I don't always kiss and tell the entire story.
3.I'm so sorry for being so contradicting in something you refuse to tell me about.
4. I'm so sorry for asking you to block me after I explained how I wouldn't stop contacting you because I'm a crazy girl and do those things sometimes.
5. I'm so sorry for confronting you about the date you went on while I assumed we were dating.
6. I'm so sorry for finding out information on the internet about you because you wouldn't open up to me.
7. I'm so sorry you figured out who you were in my "bullshit of a blog" I try to keep things pretty anonymous.
8. I'm so sorry that your feelings were hurt because 2 people that you don't even know read what happened.

Cat's out of the bag.
I'm not going to stop posting so you are MORE than welcome to continue reading and sharing :) 
Thanks for your input on what to post about today, made it a little interesting!

I have a list of things I'm not sorry can text me if you'd like to know those. It'll help me know that you enjoyed reading my lovely list and that you would like to hear more. :)

Went to another really good friend's house, watched Once Upon a Time on Netflix, had another sad funeral because she finished the show that day.
-Yeah I bailed on my rescheduled date, I'm slowly cutting ties with Science shirt dude because I just can't date him.. judge me.-
I planned on drinking my Moscato as mentioned in yesterday's Sunday Funday post that I was co-hosting, but I just wasn't feeling it. Good news is I still have a full bottle for another day!!

Then headed back home, did some laundry and read posts off my bloglovin feed = Nice relaxing day :)

How was your weekend? Link-up with us :)

Dateless in Dallas


  1. That dessert was *almost* worth the $9. And I'm thinking you and I should have a Netflix binge & blog day together soon. I'll dope on allergy meds first though . . .

  2. That canoli looks amazing~!

  3. Yes, please!! :) Just let me know when!!

  4. It was pretty delish, but unfortunately it's not a Canoli, I was just using the phrase to exclaim how much it cost lol.

  5. New Girl makes me bust a gut too. The first couple of episodes were duds, but after that, they definitely found their groove, I think.

  6. I totally agree!! At first I was like ok when's this gonna get funny then it did and it was awesome :)

  7. Call me curious but I'm dying to know the things you aren't sorry for :D because I am a terrible person who enjoys a good scandal especially when the person who's side I'm on is right (btw blog sisters stick together so naturally I'm on your side.) A big high five for sticking up for yourself! And now I'm off to read more about science shirt. :D

  8. Maybe one day I'll share them ;) thanks girl for being on my side! shirt was an adventure for sure...Thanks for stopping by!