Friday, March 28, 2014

8 Red Flags of Dating

This is something that has needed to be a post for a while! My BEST friend keeps saying I need to talk about red flags. Well I wanted to make sure I had plenty to list, and try not to leave any out. So, HERE WE GO!!

When you're single and trying to mingle, there are a lot of warning signs (red flags) that you've got to look out for when finding Mr. Right. These are MY personal red flags with a few opinions of my friends. Your red flags may be a little different.

#1. Wants to meet in a secluded place: I mean this should clearly be a duh moment, but sometimes you ladies worry me. If they want you to come to their place or ask to come to yours before you've met in public, DO NOT AGREE. I had a guy once who offered to come pick me up to take me to dinner, and after I got to know him, I knew he was just being a gentleman. Reality shows that not all guys are sincere when it comes to that.

#2. Lives with parents at 22 or older: This really only applies if they are comfortable being there and aren't in any rush to move out. I understand if you have parents that physically need financial help from you. I also understand if you're in transition or saving money to find a place. Although, if you aren't trying any of these I cannot be with you.

#3. Works at fast food/retail at 22 or older: If you aren't trying to advance and you're content with literally flipping burgers for the rest of your life. I cannot be with you. You HAVE to have some type of motivation. Maybe you're working at Burger King, but you're trying to become a manager. That might be okay. But if you aren't trying to advance, we won't work. (basically if they're okay with making minimum wage and not working towards a better lifestyle)

#4. Mentions religion then talks about sex: There's an example on the Hall of Lame where a guy went on and on about his love for God and Jesus. Two sentences later he mentions he sees himself having sexual intercourse with different celebrities. Gross. Also, if they bring up sex within 5 messages after their profile goes on and on about their Christianity/beliefs, sorry dude, you're not for me.

#5. The ex-girlfriend caused all the problems: If they bring up the ex within the first few messages, RUN. That's just letting you know that they will be bringing it up often. They shouldn't bring it up until the question, "How many serious relationships have you been in?" arrives. & If they start comparing you to their ex, book a plane because running won't be fast enough.

#6. Wants to be next to you 24/7: I know sometimes we or maybe it's just me fall in love super fast and we're okay with the fact that they want to be with us ALL THE TIME. If they don't have friends to hang out with, this could be a problem. Everyone should make time with friends that aren't their bf/gf. If they want to dedicate every single second of their life to you, they haven't discovered their own self enough to know what to do in a relationship.

#7. Sends a naughty pic: Okay, here's something I refuse to do. SEXT. No thanks. Do NOT send me a picture of your junk. EVER. I will NEVER ask for one, so don't send one. Unfortunately, it has happened. Once I was sitting next to my boss in a meeting and it popped up on my phone. Guess what: he claimed to be Christian =O shocker... Yup. When I asked him why he did that, he said, "Christian's get horny too hun." WTF.

#8. Constantly on their phone during a date: If they're purposely hiding their screen so you don't see who they are texting (probably another girl) this is a problem. Hello! If you don't want to talk to me then don't ask me out on a date. If you do glance over and see a girls name..or a phone number without contact info saved: RED FLAG.

There ya have it. Dating can be annoying and tedious and sometimes dangerous.
This will eventually become a page along with the questions and date ideas you see up there ^^ that I'll be able to add onto. If you have any to add PLEASE comment or send them to my email!

Be safe!

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  1. A lot of these are really good! Here is my question: What if a man is 22, transitioning into grad school, but still lives with his parents because he's from a more collectivist culture. Is that a bad thing?

  2. If he's attempting to advance his lifestyle by going to grad school then I don't see it as bad at all. Now, if he plans on staying there after grad school without trying to live on his own if capable...then you have a problem! Lol thanks :)

  3. "The ex girlfriend caused all the problems". Yes - that right there. Haha.
    Great post!! c:


  4. I know right?! I had an ex that literally NEVER did anything wrong in his past relationships, it was ALWAYS the ex's fault. I'm sure it was my fault too that we broke up :P Thanks :)

  5. Ewwww... naughty pictures from guys are DISGUSTING! No one wants to see that shit, dude. It's hideous looking! haha

  6. Ugh I know right...I seriously think it's the ugliest thing ever lol!