Wednesday, March 12, 2014


My life has been filled with really boring text messages.. life

I haven't felt the need to bore you all with some stupid nonsense of the dates that I'm NOT going on. I have 7 active conversations going strong through text messages, but no dates planned. However, there is one guy I've been talking to and he will be in Australia for two more weeks, and he said when he comes back he will take me out, so I'm pretty excited about that.

I'm also jealous that he's in freaking AUSTRALIA. Like come on, how cool is that? He has been allllll over the world because of his job. You'll NEVER guess what his job is....


I'm not kidding! He is a male cheerleader, and he goes to competitions all over the world! He was in Norway last month, and now he's in Australia. He was in Phoenix, AZ a couple weeks ago, and now he's in Australia. FREAKING AUSTRALIA! I'm sorry but that's super cool to me!

Someone please take me here!!
So right now my choices are:
-Car Salesman
-Burger King Employee ...
-Factory Worker
-Stock Broker
-Beer Salesman

Such a wide variety! Makes things interesting, also hard to keep up. I'm doing pretty well! 


So next week Miss Charlotte & I will be starting a new link-up party! It will be every Wednesday and it's going to consist of your wishes! So if you have some things you want to share that are on your wishlist, link up with us every Wednesday!!

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