Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another anonymous blogger!

Being an anonymous blogger can be a real tough task. It really helps having just a couple people know who your real identity is, especially if they're a blogger.

One of my dearest friends that I've known for YEARS has decided to join the blogging world. One of my favorite things about this blogger is the fact that he is a male! That's right! A male blogger. Seems very rare to find a male blogger that will just lay out his feelings and be so good at it. He's still pretty fresh on the blogging market, but go give him some love and read his stuff :)

 photo 43be1d31-14d0-4f4a-af48-caf1e7d11d48_zps6b051bc7.jpg

He writes about his experience in the dating world.
He uses some online dating apps.
He is very down to earth and at times, poetic.

Dating can be super tough on your emotional stability. Whether you're meeting people through dating apps, friends, in a bar, through work, or wherever you mingle... so much chaos can happen. Your heart can develop feelings SUPER fast and sometimes too fast compared to the other person's heart, or your heart wants to take things slow and the other person is ready for something really serious.

Then you've also gotta figure out what your type is.. do you have a preference? Are you attracted to one type of person, or do you like one type of personality? Are you like me and extremely picky about every dang detail?

I love being able to meet new people, but I can't ever seem to let go of that heartache caused by a certain someone not too long ago.

So many of my friends have asked:
He's such an ass..why do you still care?
You did so much for him and he did nothing, how can you still have feelings for him?
You two were never official, why did you get hurt so bad?

Am I the only one who has experienced this?

I'm not alone. 

I know plenty of people who have gone through this pain, and SouthernGent23 is one of those people.
We're in this together <3


  1. You are definitely not - join the club! Sometimes the ones that were 'never official' hurt the most, because it can feel as though you never found out what it could be. At least with a break up you've kind of been there and got the T shirt: you know the person's bad side as well as his good and you have some balance... an "almost but not quite" can remain that perfect possibility - arrgh!!

  2. Woohooo I'm excited to follow his journeys! :D

  3. I've got plenty of t-shirts for proof! hahaha but this is such a true and perfect example of how I feel! Thanks so much for your input!! :)

  4. This is exciting! Ilook forwarad to reading his perspective! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What he writes is soooo interesting and just real! I don't mind sharing one bit!!

  6. So envy you for no one getting to know who you are. I want that because my posts would be so extremely different if I wasn't attached to it.

  7. I have free reign being anonymous :) I definitely don't hate it!