Friday, April 25, 2014

Hello, old friend.

So, as you may have read.. I've been stressed and busy and blah blah blah. I realized today that..I've not looked at my dating apps for about..2 weeks..maybe even more! I seriously have just forgotten about them. And I must say, it sure is a nice break!

Occasionally my friends who are online dating will send me funny screen shots that are worthy enough for the Hall of LAME, but even when I get those..I haven't gotten the urge to check my Tinder messages. This is strange for me because I've kind of developed a dependence on these sites. That's so sad. Why am I so dependent on dating sites?! Can someone please tell me??

I have a slight explanation of why...

I'm the type of person who finds something (or someone) that I really like..and I become obsessed with it/them.
I've mentioned in a couple of old posts, that I tend to turn into the crazy ex-girlfriend. I absolutely cannot help it. If I get ignored enough, I'll stop. I promise. Recently I had been talking texting dude that I will not mention his name b.c it will piss some people off. I've not tried texting him for going on 3 weeks now. This is a huge deal. I hate him. I deserve better than him. I don't want him anymore.

Yes.. at one point and time, you would consider me a psychotic over him..and he probably still sees me that way. I don't care anymore, because I'm bored with him. He wasn't giving me enough attention so I said..see ya!

Not only can I become obsessive over idiots men, but I'm the same way with a new app.. some examples are:
Plenty of Fish      :'( I miss you
Candy Crush       reached level 280-something but stopped after I couldn't pass that one level
Instagram            used to be about 10 posts per down to maybe one post per week
Pandora              I have about 40 different stations that I used to listen to each I have like 3 faves
Tinder                 I was absolutely in love with you, but I've just been really busy
Pinterest             My love for you comes and goes, right now..we're in love!

Anyone else have this problem about obsessing over things and the dropping them off a cliff all of a sudden because you get bored??


  1. One time I played Candy Crush the first four waking hours of my day. Then I quit when I couldn't pass a level. I get on Pinterest when I'm bored in class or whenever I have to poop. I was obsessed with Flaming Hot cheetos, got a bag every week and could eat them in one sitting. Now i get them only every now and then. You know what I'm still obsessed with? Blogging. Been doing this for yearrrrs now.

  2. Candy Crush is evillll, and Pinterest pooping is a must, I like regular cheetos but I'm not obsessed with them. I didn't mention blogging, because I honestly don't see myself getting bored with it...everrrr <3

  3. I didn't even think about shows!!! I do that with some shows as well!

  4. I am doing this with my dating sites right now too. So not interested in any of them right now. Just not happy with any prospects on there so I am just ignoring it.

  5. I feel the same way! On Tinder, I've got a couple of matches, but neither of us have messaged each other..Even the ones I've 'liked' I'm just not feeling it!