Thursday, April 3, 2014

It happened to her, too!

So get this. 

About a week ago I went to my best friends house and had a nice dinner with her family. We were hanging out in her room and she saw me flipping through the Tinder peeps on my phone. She became very intrigued and decided to download the app. [watch out I may rub off on you, too!] 

It started off with the usual mocking of the weirdos who have a horrible picture choice. Then she started to see some real cuties...

Turns out she and this guy [she had met over a year ago] liked each other on Tinder, and they went out on a very successful date!


Sometimes people ask me, "Why do you do this? Why do you continuously put up with assholes you've met through these dating sites?"

My answer:
There are more opportunities to meet someone through an online dating site compared to trying to meet someone through work or life in general. Or just like ginger beard I was talking about in Monday's post and my best friend's Tinder experience... you might "like" someone you already know but never had the courage to make a move in public and they feel the same way. It's a great way to break the ice and help give that little push that we all need sometimes.

I work with 9 women... and our clientele consists of children.
Please explain to me how I will be meeting someone through work...

Then I hear people say, well why don't you ask your friends to set you up...
Problem: Pretty much all of my friends are just as single as me. They have a hard time finding guys here as well, they don't have time to look for someone for me.

Then my mother tells me, "You should find someone at church"
...when I go to church, I don't go so I can find a guy to date... I go for worship.
Yes, it would be ideal to find a Christian man with the same beliefs, but I just don't like the idea of going to church just to find a man.

One of my biggest problems that I'm running into is the fact that I try WAY too hard. I'm constantly available. I am the world's worst at playing hard to get. I hate giving up. I get frustrated very easily.

Okay so maybe that's more than one problem.

I'm going to try to stay single and not make an effort in dating. I might keep Tinder on my phone just for boredom reasons, but I won't be messaging unless someone seems to be really interested in me.

& Let's face it. If you've used online dating before, then you know that comical relief it gives you sometimes when you stumble across the weirdos and jerkfaces who think they are hot shit. Sometimes after a really bad day at work, I get on Zoosk or Tinder just for the laughs.

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  1. Michelle HarrisonApril 4, 2014 at 1:05 PM

    As someone who is in a relationship from online dating (ok cupid), I totally agree with you, I actually want to create a post on it sometime in the not so distant future becuase you're totally right, where are we supposed to meet people? I've met creeps online but I've also met creeps in real life.. and you're right, at the very least, it gives you a good little laugh!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages