Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wish Upon a Wednesday// v.3

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Week 3!! Woop woop! Go visit our co-host this week:


I'm usually not the kind of person to spend a lot of money on sunnies because I end up breaking them or losing them... but I would totally be okay if someone sent these my way!


I LOVE these TOMS. Such a different style and fabric..

A crazy cat lady must-have...

Who wouldn't want a cat snuggie??

Blue merle Great Dane puppy at 4 months old. Sooooooo basically, I NEED HIM IN MY LIFE!!!!

Would you just look at that face?!?! 

Non-Picture wishes:
1. I wish to be single for a while.
2. I wish guys weren't such jerks.
3. I wish my bills would disappear.

What are you wishing for this week?!

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  1. I know!! I'd love to find these in person. They look like they're made from a different material.

  2. ray bans are so worth the money. I have had my pair over 6 years now and still wear them pretty much everyday. However they do need to be adjusted because they have been through the ringer.

  3. If I ever decide to buy a pair I will most likely wear them completely out!!