Thursday, April 10, 2014

SMS Link Up :)

Voyage of the Mee Mee

Like I've said before, this is one of my FAVORITE link-ups. And it always works out so perfectly with the online dating scene.
This is a guy I started chatting with through Tinder. Such a shame because he's pretty adorable.

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I can't make this sh*t up!!

Oh and remember ginger beard that I was SUPER excited about? Here's what he said:

Me: Let's play random questions!
Him: Okay sounds good, you go first.
Me: Where do you eventually want to live, like after you've graduated and decide to settle down?
Him: I've always loved Georgia , but I'd settle for anywhere but here!!
Me: Sweet!! Okay you're turn :)
Him: What's your favorite sex position?


So at that point I sent him this long ass explanation about how that is the most irrelevant question. Keep in mind that he asked this question before asking ANYTHING about me like: what do you do in your job? I would think that might be a little more important in getting to know me. . . Needless to say we've not talked since then...

Ugh boys are dumb.


  1. Bahahahah... oh goddd... "what's your favorite sex position." What a TOOL! hahaah

  2. I know right?! Waste of a good bearded cutie...

  3. Wow. But good for you for sticking up for yourself!

  4. Thanks :) I tend to be pretty brutally honest when it comes to stupid remarks lol

  5. but for reals. boys are dumb. doucher!

  6. Agreed!! Why must we like them so much?!?!

  7. Oh my gosh, was he being serious?! What a waste of a date, I'm sorry!

  8. Idk if he was joking but I didn't stick around to find out!!