Monday, July 7, 2014

Cloud Nine

I'm up, up away in la la land. A place I've never experienced. Not like this at least. Last week was just incredible. This weekend I didn't get to see him much except for yesterday (Sunday). He had to work out of town Friday - Sunday morning. I freaking missed!

My 4th of July weekend was amazing, though. I kept wishing he was there with me to meet my family and relax by the lake, but he works. BIG PLUS there haha. I've ran into so many lazy asses through these dating sites, and he is not one of

Yesterday he asked me, "Why do I feel so comfortable around you?"
I DON'T KNOW!?!? How am I supposed to explain it? Why do I feel the same way?! I've only known you for a little less than a month, but yet I feel like I'm in the honeymoon stage! It's insane!

Samoa is his nickname, by the way. He has a thick Samoan heritage. I learn something new about it every day. I love it. I have never met someone so involved with their culture and ethnicity. I was really embarrassed when he asked me what my ethnicity was and all I could say was.. "uhm Caucasian?"
I'm a dummy and he said, "No.. I meant are you Irish? German? Where does your ancestry lie?"
And I hate that I didn't have a 100% positive answer. I know I have both Irish and German in my heritage as well as Canadian. But I am in no way knowledgeable of exactly where my family comes from. I kind of envy his passion towards his culture.

So I'm bringing in the checklist. Anyone remember reading my post about being so dang picky when dating?
Well let's just see how Samoa stands on the list:

  • Christian  
  • 5'8 or taller ...he's 6'6
  • Job required -Army Veteran and has a part time job until he finishes school in May 2015.
  • Independent  -has lived on his own since college.
  • No Smoking -hates it as much as I do! 
  • Romantic -He comes across as a hopeless romantic, but still early to see that side of him yet.
  • Pretty Teeth -Very straight, very clean! & Is kind of OCD about a clean mouth :)
  • Single -this may be off the table now haha I'm pretty sure he's mine all mine.

Here's a list of things that will add brownie points to the dude, but aren't exactly necessary:

  • Capable of growing a nice beard  -his beard is BEAUTIFUL
  • Open mind about adopting kids vs. having kids of our own haven't discussed this yet.
  • Okay with exploring different countries He has been EVERYWHERE
  • Ambition  ...he has it for sure!!
  • Roller Coaster Junkie  - He's only been on ONE his entire life! 
  • Not mentioning the sex topic within the first couple weeks of talking   It came up but not too early :)
  • Plays guitar-or-piano and can sing 
  • Netflix Lover
  • Can change the oil in my car
  • Appreciative of family time

I mean look!!! SOOO many mark outs (meaning he has fulfilled my requirements). I'm still learning more and more about him. Sorry for all the mushy gushy stuff haha I'm usually totally again these types of posts but I'm just overwhelmingly happy right now and can't help it so..yeah. deal with it ;)


  1. Yvonne RhinehartJuly 7, 2014 at 11:40 AM

    I'm so glad it's going so well. Knowing your heritage when you're a mashup is a little more difficult. I've done tons of research into mine.

  2. HAHA! Love that you found someone that fits most of your list! Have you met his family yet? Samoans have HUGE families and are so loud and life of the party! I'm hoping for the best for you!

  3. Krista KetterhagenJuly 7, 2014 at 1:42 PM

    You had me at beard! Hahaha! Oh I am so happy for you. The honeymoon stage sis awesome and it's great that he feels the same you do. Yay!!!!

  4. BEARDS! :D also, so glad he's met most of your requirements so far!!

  5. It is so sweet that you are so head over heels in getting to know him! Thank you for sharing some of your relationship journey with us. I'm loving it! Maybe that is the hopeless romantic in me. ;) Maybe you two can start a little ancestory.coming of your heritage! We've recently starting that in my family and have found all kinds of crazy, interesting ethnicity. (Like, I am as pale as pale can be, but I have native american and black native-american in me. Things that boggle my mind when I stand in front of a mirror.)

    You give me hope that maybe, someday, I will feel as gooshy about. The only problem is, you may now have given my mother even more fuel to put me on a dating website. (Which I've always been really adamant about not doing, out of fear of sketchballs.) (The fact that your list also is really similar to mine gives me hope that maybe - maaayybbeee - it won't be impossible for me to meet a guy I mesh with ;) ).

    Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best for you as you go along this new adventure! It looks like it is just getting better and better.


  6. aww, this makes me so happy!! I love that you're a facial hair girl like me. I LOVE it when Iman has a beard, but he has to shave it for work. boo!

  7. Umm so you should def text me a pic of this dream boat ASAP. Great teeth is SUCH a plus. Also Samoan? I am ALL for those ethnic men ;)

  8. This is too cute! I remember making lists like this! :) 6'6 that's suuuper tall! :)

  9. I've never researched my ancestry.. seeing how passionate he is towards his culture, makes me want to know more about mine.

  10. He's soooo tall :) Yes, I totally agree! One of the best factors.

  11. Not yet. We're still kind of taking things slow as far as the family meetings. We'll get there :) And I'm sure there will be a post about it :)

  12. Beaaarrrrrddddd ..a very beautiful one :) Thanks girly. He doesn't stop telling me how happy he is..that alone makes me happy.

  13. MMMM I love the beard for sure. I'm sure this list will be complete as I get to know him more..may even have to add the things he has that I love :)

  14. No worries I'm a hopeless romantic, too! His love for his culture makes me want to learn to love mine.. It's not going to be as interesting as his, but hey! I might find something interesting like you did!
    I hope you get this feeling very soon! I've not had it in a long time and when I did have was nothing compared to this. You'll get there for sure! Dating sites aren't horrible. But you might just want to prepare yourself for the types of guys on the sites. Check out my Hall of Lame if you haven't already. It's quite comical but also creepy haha!

  15. Oh no fun on shaving the beard!! I loveeee facial hair but it has to be tamed facial hair haha! He keeps his nicely shaped :)

  16. MMMMHHHMMM All the feels <3 Sent pic ;)

  17. I know!! He's SOOO Tall and I love it! I'm 5'8 so it's hard to find guys taller than me..but I did it haha I found him!

  18. Thanks girl :) The height has a lot of brownie points to it :)

  19. Yea!!! So glad you are so over the moon! Sounds like he meets a lot of the things you wanted!! Exciting!!!

  20. I am very very very happy :)