Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texting Tribulations

Hi everyone, I am back for round two of guest posting for the fabulous Miss Ellie!  If you missed my first one last week, I am Krista over at Kristie’s Blue Jeans.  I really hope you like my post and decide to head over to my neck of the woods and read some more, because frankly blog posts are so much fun to read and I am sure y’all would get a kick out of the shenanigans I get myself into.
I know I am not the only girl out there to meet a guy, have things go great and then all of a sudden, BAM, things are going south faster than a fireman on a fire pole.  And I am not talking about online dating, but dating in general.  It is really hard out there for a girl.  We have to find a good guy, one we are interested in, make sure he is interested in us, go through the awkward motions of meeting up, dating and possibly starting a “relationship’ AND we have to make sure it doesn't fizzle out. 

Here is the thing- I don’t think relationships today are fizzling for lack of chemistry but more because of two lazy people.  It is hard to keep a relationship going in the first place, but add in the stresses of work, technology and life in general and it makes it really hard out there for a couple.  Especially when people preach about the “rules” of dating…  I don’t think old school rules apply much anymore, but here is the thing- I think we really need to get away from consistently texting and start calling each other.
Don’t get me wrong- I text and I love the convenience of texting but I think there comes a point when phone calls start to become necessary to keep a relationship going.   I mean you only get what you put in, so why not put in a few phone calls?
When do you think the right time to start calling over texting is?
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  1. Krista KetterhagenJuly 15, 2014 at 12:13 PM

    I just had to come by and take a look at the gifs- they are just the best! Thank you Ellie for hosting me again, love ya lady.

  2. I do not understand why no one ever wants to talk on the phone. Annoys me so much. So much easier to get a vibe off someone especially when in the online dating world.

  3. My fiance is all about picking up the phone over texting and at first it drove me nuts. Now I realize it's so important to call people because texts are way too easy to ignore!

  4. I'm a texta-holic (if you're looking for a texting buddy, email me and I will seriously text you all day long. Ask Jess and Paulina) BUT I think a relationship should exist over the phone! So for me, that would mean if you want to make plans with me you gotta call me and ask me on that date. Call to confirm information. I think if you set the bar that way, then it will be easy to talk on the phone a lot about other things.

    Iman and I always talk on the phone throughout the day, even though we're texting a bunch, too. We usually call when we're driving, unless the other person is busy. My favorite is when I leave for work early in the morning and when he wakes up he calls me on his way to work (of course, i'm still in traffic, but that's beside the point)