Friday, July 11, 2014

Never Have I Ever

Played that game before? Ok so if you haven't, it's typically a drinking game. You make a statement beginning with "Never have I ever " and you finish it with something you've never done, but you secretly know/feel that someone else in the group has done it. If someone else has..then they drink. Got it?

Okay, so this post is not a drinking game, but I thought I'd explain my catchy title.
Heads up: this post is mushy gushy about Samoa. Just wait :)

Remember my emotional posts "Single and Ready to Mingle part 1 & part 2" ? If not, go check them out. My past relationships have never been as satisfying as the relationship I've been creating with Samoa over the past few weeks (month-ish) I know it seems absolutely crazy for these feelings to come along so dang fast.

Never Have I EVER dated a guy who:

Held down a steady job

Knows what he wants in a relationship

Is spontaneous

Pays his own bills

Respects the fact that I pay my own bills

Had dreams and goals that he won't stop til he achieves them

Compliments me daily, as in multiple times throughout the day

Knew how to keep a conversation moving

Had me smiling so much that my jaws hurt at the end of the day

Made me feel so beautiful and wanted

Said, "You deserve to be loved and cared for" 

Not until now. I cannot wait til this list grows bigger. I am scared to death about getting hurt. I won't be able to see him again until Wednesday, then he's off to work again for 5 days. Which is totally fine. We have spent almost every day together in the past week and a half.. this break is going to be good for us, I believe.

We both have discussed how slowing down is a must, but neither of us want to. So yes, this break is good.

Maybe if I keep telling myself that this break is good, I'll stop missing him.

So yeah that's my life right now :) Heart face emojis all day errrr day <3 


  1. Yvonne RhinehartJuly 11, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    Sometimes relationships move fast. It doesn't make them bad or mean that it will fizzle. I truly believe that each relationship has a mind of it's own and it works out how it should in the end. Enjoy the ride :].

  2. Krista KetterhagenJuly 11, 2014 at 3:38 PM

    Yay to all of his "winning" traits! I think I have been pretty fortunate in the qualities of the guys I have dated.

  3. haha I love it! And it's okay to miss him!!

  4. This is melting my heart!!!! So happy for you!

  5. Small stretches of separation really does make the heart grow stronger, trust me on this one!

  6. I totally second that. Every relationship has its own way of happening. You can do everything right and both can be amazing people and it still falls apart. But the opposite is true too. I always laugh when I see dating advice given online because to me it is completely useless. Every situation is unique.

  7. Thanks so much :) I had my cousin text me after reading this post and she basically said the same thing you did! I'm enjoying every minute of it.

  8. I agree :) More and more now than before. And yes every situation is unique, I always mention in my advice posts that all of the words are my personal opinion and based upon experience.

  9. I know!! :) I'm loving it. Also, this time apart is KILLING me but.. I do think it'll make things stronger :)

  10. I miss him like CRAZYYY and he says he misses me, too. That's a good thing right? Well. I'm gonna keep telling myself it is!

  11. I agree, and I'm thinking once I see him next week.. It'll all be worth it!!

  12. Awhh thanks boo!! It melts my heart, too :)