Monday, August 25, 2014

Grad Student Love

What do you do when you aren't attracted to the dudes in your class?
You download Tinder back onto your phone in hopes to find someone to keep your mind distracted from being so bored.
Hey, a girl can dream right?

By the way, when you're in grad school with only 13 other people in your program, you have every class with the SAME 13 people. Not much selection anyway. 2 old dudes and 2 dorks that I would never find myself interested in.. lame. The rest are women, of course.

I'm excited about working with these people, but as far as finding my future soulmate, not happening through my classes.

However, I have a scholarship position on campus & the Grad Assistant in the office is quite my type. I'm not sure what his situation is, I only got to see him for about 30 minutes during orientation.

Ginger Beard is back..uhm yay. He's so weird. I actually have 2 active ginger beards. The original GB and I met up for a few minutes just to chat while I was in town last week. I was at the mall (where he works) while he was working and we were going to get lunch, but he couldn't take his break for another hour and I was starving. I wait for no one. We've been texting on and off every other day or so since.. nothing exciting at alllll!

The other GB, is actually a guy I talked to for a while last year and reallllyyy started to fall for him. He was the perfect type of guy I was looking for at the time (before I applied to go back to school or even thought about going back). He just so happened to send me a picture on snapchat TWO DAYS after the Samoa incident. HOW DOES HE KNOW!? They have like single-telepathy. They find out when their past interests end a relationship without any logical reason! He doesn't have access to any of my social media, yet he decides to contact me ..on that day?! How in the world? But he has his own story that needs it's own post. I don't have a nickname for him yet..I'll think of one soon and write a post :)

So that's my life right now. The $100 giveaway closed, and I think the winner will be announced tomorrow. I have missed this blog and my bloggy friends sooo much. I promise now that I've got my new laptop.. I will be sooo much better :) I see a lot of procrastination coming soon which means.. more blogging!!

Love you all!!!


  1. Sometimes weird "fate" like things happen. After my "thing" this weekend I have received a couple of different messages from past guys, It always happens like that or it happens when you get settled into someone new. It's like the universe trying to trick us.

  2. Glad you're back! I know you wait for NO ONE when you're hungry. Eeeh I'm sorry I took forever to get into town the other day! One weekend lets do a blogger wine night. Except not with wine. Something tastier. Because I don't like wine. Also, dudes have creepy single telepathy. I guess we emit a "we're single" vibe whenever relationships end, because guys all the sudden start hitting on you and such! Crazy weird.