Sunday, September 7, 2014

How I feel

For years and years I have wanted to hear certain words said to me..but not from my momma, my daddy, my family members, or my best friends, but from a man I loved and cared for. I have heard these words from boys I thought I had cared for and was infatuated with. But now it's different.

Recently, even in the chaos, I have felt beautiful. Not because someone told me so. I have been confident in myself that I am beautiful. I know that there is a God who loves me more than I could ever imagine. Even the fake love that made me happy in the recent past, couldn't compare to the feeling I get when I pray. I know He is there for me.

I also am so overwhelmed with the love of my friends and family. Even though there is still much anger and frustration, I have had the biggest support system!! Even from you lovers! I am BARELY making time to type this, and you are still here for me. I can't get over how close I've come to you all :) It makes me super happy!!

But I am talking to someone ..again. I'm sure you're thinking, my goodness does she ever give herself any time? The answer is no, I don't.

The guy I'm chatting with is actually a guy I was getting to know shortly before Samoa douchebag, and I actually had told this current dude that I didn't want to lead him on because I saw that things with douchebag were getting "serious" and he totally understood. So when he saw me back on POF (yes I downloaded it back)He messaged me to ask if I was ok. That was his first question. He asked me about what happened with the guy I was seeing and I gave him a brief description.. didn't explain it all..that'd be too much.

My momma, she told me don't worry about your size <3
This is my jam!!!

Love ya'll always!! I promise I'll try to get on here more, but right now it's really hard :(


  1. I love your attitude!! ALSO so happy that that guy was so sweet and asked if you were okay before being selfish and getting excited that you're back on POF!! Can't wait to see where this goes :)

  2. Just a warning it's not going very far just yet because his schedule and my schedule completely conflict, but hopefully whenever I get a break we'll be able to meet up :) You know I'll keep you posted! Muah!

  3. YOU BETTER! I feel so out of touch because we've been so crazy busy!